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As leading malleable iron fittings manufacturers and suppliers in China, Fluid Tech Group always provides high-quality malleable iron fittings selections at factory wholesale prices. These including fire protection, water, plumbing, gas, and malleable iron pipe fittings.Our products are engineered for durability and reliability, ensuring our customers receive the highest level of performance and satisfaction.

BS Standard Match To The Countries Below:

• United Kingdom – Since BS (British Standards) are established in the UK, British companies and organizations across industries would utilize BS standard malleable iron fittings for their piping systems.
• Ireland – As a close neighbor of the UK, Ireland also commonly uses BS standards for industrial products and fittings. Irish companies in plumbing, construction, energy and other sectors would source BS standard malleable iron fittings.
• Countries in Middle East and North Africa – Since BS standards are widely accepted in the oil & gas industry across the Middle East and North Africa, companies in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Qatar etc.
• Certain European countries – While most of Europe follows EN (European) standards, some countries like the Netherlands, Belgium and Nordic nations still accept BS standards for some industrial products.

Fluid Tech Group Supplies BS Standard Malleable Iron Fittings

Our extensive range of pipe fittings caters to various industries and applications. In addition to servicing the domestic market, we also manufacture iron pipe fittings according to British Standards (BS) to meet the needs of our international customers.

Here are some of the key BS Standard fittings that we adhere to for our iron pipe fittings:

• BS 2779:1986 – This standard specifies the requirements for threaded malleable cast iron pipe fittings of sizes 1/8″ to 4″ and in pressure ratings of 320 PSI and 600 PSI.
• BS 362: Part 1 – Specifies the requirements for threading and dimensioning of malleable iron pipe fittings for pressure applications.
• BS EN 10255 – This European standard specifies technical delivery conditions for non-alloy steel tubes suitable for welding and threading. Our fittings are manufactured in accordance with this standard.
• BS EN 1561 – This European Standard specifies the requirements for the casting, testing and inspection of malleable cast iron. Our fittings are produced using malleable iron meeting these specifications.
• BS EN ISO 9001 – Our quality management system is certified to this standard, ensuring that our products and services consistently meet customer and applicable statutory requirements.

Fluid Technology Group Services and Pricing

With a strong reputation as a respected manufacturer and supplier in China, Fluid Tech Group offers a wide selection of high-quality BS Standard Malleable Iron Fittings at competitive wholesale prices.Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss wholesale pricing for our BS Standard Malleable Iron Fittings. Our knowledgeable sales team is eager to share our competitive price list and explore potential avenues for collaboration. In addition to direct sales, we excel in providing robust OEM capabilities for customers interested in private labeling. Whether you require standard or customized production, our dedicated sales representatives are here to craft the right solutions through supportive partnerships. Our goal is to fully comprehend your objectives and unique needs, then work together to determine the optimal path forward.