Pipe Processing Machine

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Whether constructing new piping systems or repairing existing pipelines, pipe processing machine are an essential part of optimizing productivity and workflow for pipe fabricators. Pipe processing activities include cutting, beveling, grooving, threading, and bending of pipe materials like steel and plastic. There are various types of pipe processing equipment and machinery available on the market.

List Main Types Of Pipe Processing Machines

Pipe threading machines – We use this kinds of machine to roll threading on the ends of pipe and tubing. This allows joining pipes using threaded fittings like elbows, tees, and unions. Pipe threading equipment includes manual, semi-automatic, and fully-automatic machines.
• Grooving equipment – Roll grooving machine creates precise grooves around the circumference of pipe or tube ends. These grooves allow joining pipes using mechanical fittings that connect pipes quickly and securely through a gasket seal.
• Cut-off saws and shears – They are as used to cut pipe to required lengths and square the ends of pipe. These machines cut pipes up to sizes of 24 inch diameter and 3 inch wall thickness. Cut-off machines use diamond abrasive blades or carbide cutting tools to cut through a wide variety of pipe materials.
• Hole Cutting Machines – Hole cutting machines drill holes in pipe and tubing for passing wires, bolts, and other components. They make accurate holes with minimal burring on the inner surface of the pipe. Hole cutters can be attached to drill presses or used as stand-alone cutting machines.

Main 2 Types Of Pipe Grooving – Mechanical Grooving & Roll Grooving

Roll Grooving Machine Pipe Cutter involves using a specialized tool to cut a groove into the pipe. The tool is typically powered by an electric or pneumatic motor and is guided along the pipe to create the groove. Mechanical grooving is often used for smaller diameter pipes and is known for producing precise and consistent grooves.

Roll grooving, on the other hand, is a process where a specialized machine is used to roll grooves into the pipe. The machine clamps the pipe in place and then feeds it through a set of grooving rolls, which create the grooves. Roll grooving is often used for larger diameter pipes and is known for its speed and efficiency. It is also less likely to damage the pipe surface compared to mechanical grooving.

Well-known Pipe Processing Machines Manufacturer Provides You Specifications

Fluid Tech Group as pipe processing machines manufacturer in China specializing in fire protection systems, water systems, pipe processing machines and threaded valves products. Now, we will list the related specifications of machines below:

– Roll Grooving Machine Pipe Cutter
– Pipe Threading Machine

  • Certificate: CE
  • Capacity (Pipe OD): NPS 3/8″ ~ 12″, NPS 2″ ~ 8″, or NPS 2″ ~ 12″
  • Capacity (Pipe THK): Sch10 & Sch40
  • Standard color: Red and black