Water Works Air Exhaust Valve

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A water works air exhaust valve is a type of air release valve used in water distribution systems. It serves to release accumulated air from pipes and prevent air locking.

Leading air exhaust valve supplier – Fluid Tech Group

For two decades, Fluid Tech Group has been a leading Chinese factory and supplier of premium water plant valves, specializing in high-performance air exhaust valves. We create robust valve solutions for even the most demanding industrial environments, ensuring safety and reliability.

We leverage our expertise to develop dependable and resilient waterworks systems for our customers. Meanwhile, our valves utilize premium materials well suited for the international market, meeting the demands of customers worldwide.

Our longstanding dedication to manufacturing the highest quality waterworks air exhaust valves has earned us an excellent reputation across China. For over 20 years, customers have trusted Fluid Tech Group for our relentless focus on quality and commitment to durability. We manufacture valves built to withstand the harshest conditions while still delivering dependable performance over many years of service. Meanwhile, air exhaust valves for waterworks are important products.

Purpse of air exhaust valves

Air can enter water pipes from a variety of sources like pipe leaks, fluid level changes and temperature fluctuations. If not released, this trapped air can cause problems like water hammer, ineffective flow and issues with pump operation. An air exhaust valve releases this trapped air to the atmosphere, keeping the pipe system functional.

Design of waterworks air exhaust valve

Waterworks air exhaust valves typically have a float that rises with accumulating air and opens a valve orifice to allow the air to escape. Once the air is released, the float lowers and closes the orifice.

Materials of air exhaust valves by Fluid Tech Group

Air exhaust valves for waterworks are made of corrosion resistant materials suitable for contact with potable water. Common materials include bronze, ductile iron, stainless steel.

Installation of valves as air exhaust type

Valves as air exhaust type are installed at high points along water pipelines to capture any trapped air pockets. They are typically installed vertically with the orifice facing upwards. Multiple valves may be needed depending on the pipe layout and elevation changes.

Specification of Single flange air exhaust valve By Fluid Tech Group

  • Waterworks iron valves range in size from 2″ to 8″ (DN50 to DN200).
  • They are constructed from durable ductile iron per GB12224-2015, EN1074-2000, and EN12266 dimensional standards.
  • The valves feature ASME B16.1 Class 125/250 flange connections rated for pressures of 300PSI, 250PSI, or 200PSI.
  • They have a maximum temperature rating of 80°C or less. The valve bodies are as treated with an ANSI/AWWA C550 coating for corrosion resistance.

Fluid air exhaust valves feature in industrial installations

  • These high-quality waterworks valves are suitable for water, gas, oil, and other medium applications requiring robust materials, dimensional accuracy, and rated connections.
  • Their ductile iron construction and protective coating provide longevity across municipal and industrial installations.