Water Works Check Valves

Check Valves For Municipal Water Distribution

Check valves are an essential component used in municipal water distribution systems to prevent reverse flow in pipes. Normally, we call it as waterworks valve. They open to allow forward flow through the pipe, but close to prevent flow from moving in the opposite direction.

This function allows one-way flow of water from pumps, reservoirs and treatment plants to customers through the distribution network. If reverse flow were allowed, it could cause problems like reducing pump and treatment plant efficiency, contaminating treated water, and draining storage tanks.

Check valves with DIN standard for water distribution systems, often called “waterworks check valves”. Below are some main types:

• Swing check valves – Uses a circular disk that pivots to open and close. Common for lower pressure applications.
• Silent check valves – A variation of the swing check where a spring reduces the slamming noise when closing.
• Lift check valves – Has a hinged circular flapper that lifts to allow forward flow and then closes by gravity.
• Tilting disc check valves – The disc moves sideways to open and close, reducing wear and noise. Used in higher pressure applications.

Properly selected and maintained, Resilient Seated Flanged Ends Swing Check Valve provides reliable one-way flow protection within municipal water distribution systems. They help ensure stations balance demand, maintain adequate pressure and prevent accidental draining of storage tanks and pipes.

Introduction Of Fluid Tech Group – A Leading Water Works Check Valves Manufacturer

Fluid Tech Group as Check valve factory and supplier in northern China specializing in fire protection systems, water systems and threaded valve products.

With years of industry experience in pipeline fluid conveying systems, the group company established the group company in 2018 together with a number of foundry manufacturers and machining enterprises, and currently has five major production bases, which are located in Tangshan City, Hebei Province, Weifang City, Shandong Province, Cangzhou City, Shanxi Province, and Zhejiang Province, China. Among them, the international trade headquarters is set up in Tianjin. For Check valve price, please contact with us.

Specification Of Waterworks check valve

  • Size: 2″-24”(DN50-DN600)
  • Material: Ductile iron ASTM A536, 65-45-12
  • Dimension: BS5153
  • Connection:AWWA C606-2006 Grooved and Shouldered Joints
  • Temperature: 0-80 ℃
  • Surface Treatment: ANSI/AWWA C550
  • Applicable temperature: ≤350℃
  • Pressure Rating: 175PSI, 200PSI, 250PSI, 300PSI
  • Seal Test: 1.1 to 1.76 MPa