Grooved Coupling

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A Grooved Coupling is a pipe connection used to connect two pipes or between pipes and equipment. It consists of two semi-circular clamps with grooves, which are connected by placing them at both ends of the pipe and securing them with bolts. This connection provides reliable sealing and strong connection for a variety of plumbing systems, including water supply, fire protection, air conditioning and industrial plumbing.

Various benefits of Grooved Coupling

Quick installation: The installation of the Grooved Flexible Coupling is very simple and fast, as only two semi-circular clamps are placed at each end of the pipe and bolted in place, without welding or using special tools.

Reliable sealing: Grooved Coupling uses rubber sealing rings to provide reliable sealing performance against water leakage and leakage.

Powerful Coupling: Grooved Coupling is designed to provide a powerful coupling that ensures a strong pipe connection that is not easily loosened or detached.

Wide range of applications: Grooved Coupling is suitable for a variety of plumbing systems, including water supply, fire protection, air conditioning and industrial plumbing.

Detachable: The Grooved Coupling can be easily disassembled for easy repair and replacement of pipes.

Corrosion resistance: Grooved Coupling is typically made of corrosion-resistant materials, such as stainless steel or galvanized steel, and can be used in a variety of environmental conditions.

Good seismic performance: Grooved Coupling connection can provide a certain degree of seismic performance, suitable for earthquake prone areas.

Common types of Grooved Coupling

Grooved Rigid Coupling: This is the most common type of Grooved Coupling, consisting of two semi-circular clamps and bolted fastening for connecting two pipes. It provides strong connection and reliable sealing performance.

Grooved Coupling is made of elastic materials, such as rubber, that absorb vibration and flexure in the piping system, reducing the dynamic load transferred to the piping system. It is suitable for applications that require resistance to vibration and displacement.

Flange Adaptor Coupling: This type of Grooved Coupling combines the features of Grooved Coupling and connector. It has the easy installation and reliable connectivity of Grooved Coupling, and can also be used with flange connectors for easy connection between pipe and equipment.

Grooved Coupling is used to connect pipes of different materials, diameters, or types. It provides a convenient transition solution that makes it easier to connect pipes of different sizes or materials in a piping system.

The above are some common types of Grooved Coupling. Fluid Tech Group manufacturer customizes Grooved Couplings tailored to specific client demands for precision engineering. According to the specific pipeline system requirements and application scenarios, selecting the appropriate Grooved Coupling type can ensure the reliability and efficiency of pipeline connections.

What are the application areas of Grooved Coupling

As a high-quality supplier in China, we focus on providing high-quality groove couplings to meet the diverse needs of our customers.Grooved Coupling is widely used in water supply systems, fire protection systems, air conditioning systems, industrial pipes, Marine engineering, construction engineering, etc.

Water supply system: Grooved Coupling is used for water supply piping systems, including urban tap water, building water supply, etc.

Fire protection system: Grooved Coupling is used in fire protection piping system to connect fire hose, sprinkler system, etc.

Air conditioning system: Grooved Coupling is used to connect cooling water pipes, chilled water pipes, etc., in the air conditioning duct system.

Industrial Piping: Grooved Coupling is suitable for a variety of industrial piping systems, including chemical, petroleum, food processing and other fields.

Marine engineering: Grooved Coupling is used in Marine engineering to connect offshore platforms, subsea pipelines, etc.

Construction engineering: Grooved Coupling is commonly used for piping systems in construction projects, including commercial buildings, residential buildings, etc.

Grooved Coupling’s ease of installation, reliable sealing, powerful coupling and wide applicability make it an important choice for pipe connections.