Water Works Gate Valves

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What Is Water Works Gate Valves?

Fluid Tech Group is the first export company in northern China specializing in fire protection systems, water systems, plumbing systems, gas systems, HVAC systems, etc. So as leading water works gate valve supplier, we will lead you to understand about waterworks gate valves below:

A WaterWorks gate valve is a type of valve used in water supply systems to control the flow of water. It is called a gate valve because it uses a sliding gate mechanism to regulate water flow.

Detailedly Explain Gate Valve And Knife Valves

As well-know china gate valve manufacturer, we also provide other types of valves except gate valves. Now we will explain you through both of knife type and gate valve.

Actually, gate valves and knife gate valves offer several advantages in applications that involve slurries, as their gates can easily slice through the slurry. They are also well-suited for use with viscous liquids, such as heavy oils, light grease, varnish, molasses, honey, cream, and other non-flammable, thick fluids. These valves are available in larger sizes, making them ideal for handling thick flows.

However, gate valves do have some limitations, including low-pressure capabilities and a lack of suitability for applications that require sanitary or clean conditions. They are excellent for use as a shutoff valve, and can also be utilized for throttling purposes if necessary, although this is generally not recommended due to the potential for seat and disc erosion caused by disk vibrations.

Knife gate valves are as engineered to reduce pressure drop across the valve when fully opened and to completely halt the flow of fluid. These valves maintain the same direction of fluid flow, and the diameter of the opening through which the process fluid passes is almost identical to that of the pipe. As a result, they typically generate very little pressure drop when fully opened.

Popular Valves Products Fluid Tech Group Provided

Fluid Tech Group is the first export company in northern China specializing in fire protection systems, water systems (including water meter) and valves products. As leading Resilient Seated OS&Y Type Flange Gate Valve factory, we may provide gate valve price for related ANSI standard products, such as Ductile iron valve, Stainless valve, Fire protection valve, etc.