Flanged Ends Swing Check Valve

Media: Fresh Water, Sea Water
Material: Stainless Steel
Dimension: BS5153
Pressure Rating: 175PSI, 200PSI, 250PSI, 300PSI
Temperature: Ordinary Temperature
Surface Treatment: ANSI/AWWA C550

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Product Description

Products Details

What is the Flanged  ends swing check valve?

A flanged ends swing check valve is a type of valve used to regulate the flow of fluid through a pipeline. It is called a swing check valve because it uses a swinging disc to block or allow flow. The valve is designed with flanged ends, which means that it can be bolted onto the pipeline using flanges.

The swinging disc in a flanged ends swing check valve is hinged on a pivot point, which allows it to swing freely. When fluid flows through the pipeline, the disc swings open to allow the fluid to pass through. When the flow of fluid stops or reverses direction, the disc swings closed to prevent backflow.

The flanged ends of the valve make it easy to install and remove from the pipeline for maintenance or repair. Flanged ends also provide a secure and leak-proof connection between the valve and the pipeline.

Product Drawing

Part Name Material
Body QT450-10、HT200
Bonnet QT450-10、HT200
Seal ring Asbestos   Rubber Sheet
Disc QT450-10+Copper   alloy
Rocker arm QT450-10


Main technical parameters:
Nominal   pressure (Mpa) Strength test MPa Seal test MPa Applicable   temperature (℃) Applicable medium
1 1.5 1.1 ≤350℃ water, air,   oil
1.6 2.4 1.76


Performance characteristics

1) The swing check valve has reasonable structure, reliable sealing, small flow resistance and excellent performance.
2) Good scratch resistance and long service life.
3) Various piping flange standards and sealing surface types can be used to meet the needs of various working conditions.
4) The valve disc rotates around the pin outside the valve seat to reduce the violent impact when closing.
5) The connection between the pin shaft and the valve disc adopts a built-in structure, which is more reliable in use.

Application and Case

Flanged Ends Swing Check Valve are used in water system, HVAC system etc. Water Works Check Valves are used in many projects , such as China Taiwanese Building 101, Xiamen Building,Wuhan Expo Building and other famous landmark projects.