Compound High Speed Air Bleeding Valve

Size: 2″~8″(DN50~DN200)
Design Standard: CJ/T 219,JB/T 10674,BS EN 558 Serial 10,BS EN 1092-2 part 2
Face to Face: BS EN 559 Series 13
Connection Standard: BS EN 1092-2, ASME B16.1 CL125
Pressure Rating: PN10, PN16, 175PSI,200PSI,250PSI,300PSI
Surface Treatment: ANSI/AWWA C550
Medium: Water, gas etc.
Certificate:WRAS, ACS, CE, NSF/ANSI 61, NSF/ANSI 372

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Product Description

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Compound high-speed air bleeding valve is a kind of intake and exhaust devicewith large and small exhaust holes,which can quickly exhaust when filled with water,and can quickly intake when negative pressure is generated in the pipeline.It canexhaust a small amount of gas accumulated in the pipeline under normal workingconditions,and automatically close the valve after exhaust.

Product Drawing

No. Part Standard Specification
1 Valve Body EN-GJS-450-10
2 Ball SS304
3 Nut HPb59-1
4 Gasket EPDM
5 Nut HPb59-1
6 Rubber Pad EPDM
7 Nut SS304
8 O-Ring NBR
9 Bonnet EN-GJS-450-10
10 Screw SS304
11 Protective Shield SS304
12 Floating Ball Cap EN-GJS-450-10
13 Iift Cover SS304
14 Floating Ball Cover Net SS304
15 Stem SS304
16 Gasket EPDM
17 Hex Nut Carbon Steel Zinc Plated
18 Washer Carbon Steel Zinc Plated
19 Hex Bolt Carbon Steel Zinc Plated
20 Guide Sleeve H62
21 Draft Hood EN-GJS-450-10


DN PN Dimensions(mm)
Inch mm A B C D n-φd E F H
2″ 50 10/16 50 99 125 165 4-φ19 19 3 320
2.5″ 65 10/16 65 118 145 185 4-φ19 1|√0 3 320
3″ 80 10/16 80 132 160 200 8-φ19 19 3 336
4″ 100 10/16 100 156 180 220 8-φ19 19 3 415
6″ 150 10/16 150 211 240 285 8-φ23 19 3 540
8″ 200 10 200 266 295 340 8-φ23 20 3 660
16 12-φ23

Features of Compound High Speed Air Bleeding Valve:

1. High-speed operation: The main feature of the composite high-speed air release valve is that it can release air or gas trapped in the pneumatic system at high speed. This rapid venting feature helps quickly remove air bubbles from the system, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

2. Precise control: Despite its high operating speed, the composite high-velocity exhaust valve is designed to provide precise control over the release of air or gas. This allows for precise and controlled bleeding without excessive pressure drop or system disruption.

3. Composite design: Composite high-speed exhaust valves typically feature a composite design that combines multiple stages or chambers to optimize exhaust performance. This may include the use of specially designed channels, nozzles or valves to accelerate the release of trapped air or gas.

4. Maintenance: Composite high-velocity exhaust valves generally require minimal maintenance, and regular inspection and cleaning are sufficient to ensure proper operation. They are designed to withstand the rigors of continuous use and harsh operating environments without the need for frequent adjustments or replacements.

Composite high-speed exhaust valves play a key role in maintaining the performance and efficiency of pneumatic systems by quickly removing trapped air or gas, ensuring smooth operation of pneumatic components and preventing issues such as air locks or reduced system efficiency.


1. What is the minimum quantity of the order?
Answer: The purchase volume of mixed products is 4 tons

2. How long is the delivery time of the order?
Answer: The delivery time for general orders is about 30 days. If the order is urgent and we have stock, around 7 days.

3. What payment methods do you accept?
Answer: We accept payment terms such as TT, L/C, DP, Western Union, Paypal, etc.

4. Where is your departure port of shipment? Is it possible to deliver to the designated warehouse?
Answer: The port of departure of our goods is generally Tianjin Port or Qingdao Port. We can transport the goods to designated warehouses, such as Yiwu, Guangzhou, etc.

5. What certificates do your products have?
Answer: Our products have FM/UL certificates, and we cooperate with third-party quality inspection certification before the factory, such as SGS,TUV

6.What are the series of your products?
Answer: Our products are divided into heavy series, medium series and light series according to different markets and standards. In order to buy more competitive products for you, please communicate your purchasing needs with the salesperson.

7. Do product packaging cartons and labels support customization?
Answer: Packaging cartons and labels can be customized according to customer requirements.

8.Does the purchased product support customization?
Answer: The product supports customization, but there are purchase quantity requirements and mold costs. For details, please consult the salesperson.

9.What are the packaging methods of the product?
Answer: The packaging of the product includes carton packaging, pallet packaging, wooden box packaging, and woven bag packaging.