Grooved Y-Type Strainer

Size: 2″-12”(DN50-DN300)
Material: Ductile iron ASTM A536, 65-45-12
Dimension: ASME B16.42
Connection:AWWA C606,ISO6182
Pressure Rating: 300PSI, 250PSI, 200PSI, PN10/16
Temperature: -10-200℃
Surface Treatment: ANSI/AWWA C550
Medium: Water, gas, oil etc.

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Product Description

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A grooved Y-type strainer is a variation of the traditional Y-type strainer that incorporates grooves or serrations on its surface.It is contacted by grooved fittings not flange. Grooved Y-strainers offer several advantages over traditional filter designs, including increased filtration efficiency, reduced pressure drop, extended maintenance intervals, improved flow dynamics, and compatibility with automation. These features make it the first choice for applications requiring efficient and reliable fluid filtration.

Product Drawing

No. Part Standard Specification Options
1 Valve Body ASTM A53665-45-12
2 Sreen AISI 304 AISI316
3 Rigid Couping ASTM A53665
4 Cap ASTM A53665
5 Plug Malleable rion Galvanized Bronze ASTM B584


DN Dimensions(mm)
inch MM L H OD d A B
2″ 50 247.5 170 60.3 57.15 15.88 7.92
2.5″ 65 273 185 73 69.09 15.88 7.92
2.5″ 65 273 185 76.1 72.26 15.88 7.92
3″ 80 298.5 207 88.9 84.94 15.88 7.92
4″ 100 362 255 114.3 110.08 15.88 9.52
5″ 125 419 286 139.7 135.48 15.88 9.52
5″ 125 419 286 141.3 137.03 15.88 9.52
6″ 150 470 340 165.1 160.9 15.88 9.52
6″ 150 470 340 168.3 163.96 15.88 9.52
8″ 200 609.5 420 219.1 214.4 19.05 11.13
10″ 250 686 482 273 268.28 19.05 12.7
12″ 300 762 580 323.9 318.29 19.05 12.7

The Advantages of Using a Grooved Y-type Strainer:

Improve filtration efficiency: Grooves on the filter surface increase the available surface area for filtration. This improves overall filtration efficiency by better capturing and retaining solid particles or debris present in the fluid.

Reduced Pressure Drop: While increasing filtration efficiency, the grooves also help minimize pressure drop across the filter. By reducing resistance to fluid flow, grooves help maintain optimal flow rates and pressure levels in the system.

Extended maintenance intervals: The increased surface area provided by the grooves means the filter can capture more contaminants before needing cleaning or replacement. This extends the intervals between maintenance cycles, reducing downtime and operational disruption.

Improved flow dynamics: Grooves on the filter surface can help promote smoother fluid flow by reducing turbulence and eddies. This is particularly beneficial in applications where maintaining laminar flow is important to system performance or where excessive turbulence could cause damage to sensitive components.

Malleable Iron SCC Short Compression Coupling NPT Thread Application and Case of Telescopic Y-type strainers

Telescopic Y-type strainers are commonly used in various industries where maintaining clean fluid flow is essential, such as:

Oil and gas: Used to protect pumps, valves, and other equipment from damage caused by contaminants in the fluid.
Chemical processing: Ensures the purity of chemicals and prevents clogging in sensitive equipment.
Water treatment: Removes impurities from water sources before further treatment or distribution.
HVAC systems: Protects heat exchangers, cooling towers, and other components from debris in the water or coolant.


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