Grooved Y-Type Strainer

Size: 2″-16”(DN50-DN400)
Material: Ductile iron ASTM A536, 65-45-12
Dimension: ASME B16.42
Connection:ASME B16.1 CLASS 125/250
Pressure Rating: 300PSI, 250PSI, 200PSI
Temperature: 0-200 ℃
Surface Treatment: ANSI/AWWA C550
Certificate: UL Listed / FM Approved
Medium: Water, gas etc.

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Product Description

Products Details

What’s the Y type strainer?

Grooved Y type strainer takes its name from its configuration, and it is grooved connection. It is used for remove foreign matter from flowing fluids by wire mesh filter element, so to protect pump, meter, valves, and other mechanical equipment.The Y-type filter is an indispensable filter device for the pipeline system that conveys the medium. The Y-type filter is usually installed at the inlet end of the pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve, fixed water level valve or other equipment to remove impurities in the medium. , to protect the normal use of valves and equipment. The Y-type filter has the characteristics of advanced structure, small resistance and convenient sewage discharge.

Product Drawing

Part No. Part Standard   Specification Options
1 Valve Body ASTM A536,   65-45-12
2 Screen AISI 304 AISI 316
3 Rigid Coupling ASTM A536,   65-45-12
4 Cap ASTM A536,   65-45-12
5 Plug Malleable Iron   Galvanized Bronze ASTM   B584


DN Dimensions(mm)
Inch mm L OD d A B
2″ 50 247.5 60.3 57.15 15.88 7.92
2.5″ 65 273 73 69.09 15.88 7.92
3″ 80 298.5 88.9 84.94 15.88 7.92
4″ 100 362 114.3 110.08 15.88 9.52
5″ 125 419 141.3 137.03 15.88 9.52
6″ 150 470 168.3 163.96 15.88 9.52
8″ 200 609.5 219.1 214.4 19.05 11.13
10″ 250 686 273 268.28 19.05 12.7
12″ 300 762 323.9 318.29 19.05 12.7


Quality Control

Advanced equipment guarantee the production of high quality products.
Advantages of DISA moulding line:1. High quality precise casting less scrap and lower finishing costs. 2.High Production Efficiency(1)Fast production: 350 moulds per hour, pattern changing time cut down to 2-3 minutes
(2).higher profitability over a longer service life. 3. Safety and Environmental Friendly safe, easy and clean operation (CE and ISO 14001 compliant)
High-precision, hydraulicly driven mould transport,no shifting, distortion, ordisplacement of moulds.
The advantage of the sand supply system:The sand supply system is from the best class sand processing equipment manufacturers of China, with straight structure, easier maintenance, environmently friendly, high degree of automation, high safety factor, good parameters of sand stability.

Fluid Tech is honored as the National enterprise technical center and is capable and qualified to conduct full series of tests and inspections including chemical checking, etc. Inspection facilities include:spectrometer, carbon sulfur analyzer, metallurgical microscope, tensile strength testing equipment, pressure testing equipment, adhesive force testing equipment, CMM, hardness tester, etc.From incoming inspection to finished product, quality is checked a
nd monitored in the whole process. Each step of the manufacturing process is carefully documented, regularly reviewed for revision control and updatin
g standard. Quality procedures are constantly monitored and updated to assure that only the highestand most consistent quality products are supplied to our valued customers.

Application and Case

Grooved Y-Type Strainer are used in fire protection system, water system, HVAC system etc.Fire Protection Strainer Valves are used in many projects , such as China Taiwanese Building 101, Xiamen Building,Wuhan Expo Building and other famous landmark projects.