Galvanized steel pipe and fittings and valves shipped

Jul 29, 2023 | Industry News, News

In June, we received orders from African customers. Customers purchased hot-dip galvanized British standard pipe fittings EN10242, British standard thread BSP thread Fittings, hot-dip galvanized steel pipe Galvanized Steel Pipe, ductile iron valves and knife gate valves. After we receive the customer’s order, we arrange production immediately. Since the order is produced by 3 production bases, they are our galvanized pipe fittings production base in Hebei, steel pipe production base in Tianjin and valve production base in Tianjin. We coordinated the production sequence for the customer, and finally concentrated the goods in the galvanized pipe fittings factory for cabinet loading. Considering that there are malleable steel threaded pipe fittings, steel pipes and valves in the customer’s order, we have made a container loading sequence for the customer, first choose a 40ft container, first install steel pipes, and then install valves and pipe fittings. Ductile iron fire valves are packed in wooden boxes, and galvanized pipe fittings are packed in cartons and then palletized.

BSP thread Fittings

On July 15th, the production of galvanized threaded pipe fittings, DI valves and steel pipes was completed. However, we have done the pre-factory inspection of the product according to the customer’s requirements, and the product quality meets the standard. Then, we contacted the freight forwarder, ordered the ship and packed the container, packed the container on July 27th, and then sent it to the customer. The customer received our packing photos and videos and is very satisfied.