4-Way Adaptor UTT90

Size: 1”SCH40 bracing pipe to load up to maximim 8″pipe.
Material: Carbon Steel
Brand: Utterly brand
Surface Treatment: Hot dip Galvanized / Electro Galvanized
Certificate:UL Listed / CE Certificate
Application: Fire Protection,Waterworks,HVAC,Plumbing,GAS,Irrigation,or other piping systems

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Product Description

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When designing seismic supports, specific situations should also be taken into account. Currently, when designing seismic supports, it is necessary to combine the design of various comprehensive pipelines to effectively deepen the design. Professional software should be provided, and relevant finished support system information tables should be provided. All content covers a wide range, For example, there are more design styles in the actual design of seismic supports, and the design of each node and material selection of suspension rods or connecting devices should be considered when designing seismic supports.

4-way adaptor UTT90


4-way adaptor UTT90

Pipe Size A B Maximum Design Load
in mm mm lbs (kN)
1X1 121 95 1000 (4.45)

The function of 4-way adaptor

1. For pipe fixing in four directions
2.Can be used to fix pipes ≤DN200

4-way adaptor UTT90

How to install the 4-way adaptor

Insert the DN25 welded pipe into the circular hole, lock the bolts and match the double U-shaped pipe clamps to achieve 90° pipe support, and fix the other two ends with the wall connectors to achieve seismic support.

4-way adaptor UTT90

4-way adaptor UTT90