Grooved Pipe Fittings: Versatile and Reliable options for Piping Systems

Aug 8, 2023 | Company News, News

While there are many types of pipe fittings available for mechanical piping applications, grooved pipe fittings offer some distinct advantages for simplicity, reliability, and performance. Grooved fittings work with grooved pipe that has a grooved outer diameter and involves a mechanical pipe joining technique using flexible sealing elements.

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AWWA C606 Fittings

Many grooved fittings conform to either AWWA C606 or ASTM A47/A47M standards. For potable water applications, AWWA C606 fittings are often preferred. These fittings are designed and manufactured specifically to meet the requirements for waterworks service outlined by the American Water Works Association (AWWA).

AWWA C606 grooved fittings are made of ductile iron which offers high strength and durability. The grooves and dimensions of AWWA C606 fittings are specifically designed to work with AWWA C606 compliant grooved pipes. Using a standardized groove design ensures proper alignment and full engagement of the grooved coupling that connects two pipes.

Ductile Iron Grooved Pipe Fittings

Ductile iron is commonly used as the base material for grooved pipe fittings due to its corrosion resistance, durability, and strength. Ductile iron grooved fittings can withstand high operating pressures and harsh conditions while maintaining a long service life. Some key benefits of ductile iron grooved fittings include:

  • High tensile strength – Ductile iron can withstand operating pressures of up to 350-400 psi for water and wastewater applications.
  • Corrosion resistance -The ductile iron material and protective coatings help resists corrosion from moisture, chemicals, and other corrosive elements.
  • Impact and vibration resistance – Ductile iron withstands shock loads, vibrations, and impacts better than other materials like steel or cast iron.
  • Excellent fatigue performance – Ductile iron fittings can handle the cyclic loads and movements of an operating piping system without failure.
  • Range of configurations – Grooved fittings come in a wide range of configurations including tees, crosses, elbows, couplings, transitions, and reducers.

Grooved Welded Outlets

Grooved welded outlet is special ductile iron grooved fittings designed to allow a grooved pipe to be welded into a manifold, header, or vessel. They feature a grooved end and a machined flange or threaded end specially suited for welding. Grooved welded outlets are commonly used in:

  • Pressure vessels
  • Heat exchangers
  • Collectors
  • Valve manifolds
  • Filter headers

The grooved end of the fitting connects to grooved pipe, while the outlet flange is welded to provide a rigid, locked-in connection. This offers a secure and strong connection between grooved components and welded steel systems. Some benefits of grooved welded outlets include:

  • Simple installation – The grooved connection joins piping components quickly and easily.
  • Flexibility – Grooved systems allow for expansion, contraction and pipe movement.
  • Reliability – Properly installed grooved fittings provide leak-free performance for the life of the system.
  • Low maintenance – Rubber gaskets in grooved couplings require no lubrication and last for decades.
  • Cost effectiveness – Grooved fittings and installation can be more economical than some other piping methods.