Malleable Iron 95 Union Elbow F/F Flat Seat BSPT Thread

Size: 1/2”-2”
Material: BS EN 1562,EN-GJMB-350-10,KTH350-10
Dimension: BS EN 10242
Thread: ISO 7-1,BS 21,BSPT
Pressure Rating: PN16/PN25
Surface Treatment:Hot-dip Galvanized,Electro Galvanized,Black
Certificate: UL Listed / FM Approved / NSF 61
Application: Fire Protection,Waterworks,HVAC,Plumbing,GAS,Irrigation,or other piping systems

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Product Description

Products Details

Malleable Iron 95 Union Elbow F/F Flat Seat. Union Elbow F/F is a kind of flat union with 90 degree elbow. The function of union elbow is same with flat seat and 90 degree elbow, connect pipes while changing their direction. F/F means the two ends of the union is internal threaded and it is designed to fit over external threaded pipes or fittings for a secure and sealed connection. The available size is from 1/2″(DN15) to 2″(DN50) with PN25 working pressure. Threaded can be BSPT as per ISO7-1, BS21 and others standard, also the threaded can be NPT as per American Standard ANSI/ASTM B1.20.1


Size A(mm) B(mm) PCS/CTN.
1/2″ 24.5 54 60
3/4″ 29 60 40
1″ 35 68 30
1-1/4″ 42 80 20
1-1/2″ 45.5 86 18
2″ 53.5 97 10

The function of Union Elbow F/F Flat Seat:

Union Elbow F/F Flat Seat is a union elbow with an F/F (female to female) connection and a flat seat refers to a specific type of pipe or pipe fitting. This elbow allows for a change of direction when connecting two pipes or fittings with female ends. “Flat seat” means the sealing surface is flat or flat to ensure a secure connection when the accessories are assembled.

Union Elbow F/F Flat Seat is used to join pipes at an angle, providing flexibility and allowing for disassembly when required without disturbing the pipes. Female means they are designed to be installed on externally threaded pipe or fittings to create a secure and sealed connection. These fittings are often used in ductwork systems, especially where modification or disassembly may be required.

The advantage of Union Elbow F/F Flat Seat

1.Easy to install and maintain: These fittings can be easily installed and removed without disturbing the entire pipe. This is particularly useful during maintenance or repairs as the pipes can be easily disconnected and reconnected.

2. Flexibility and Adjustability: Union elbows provide flexibility in adjusting the angle or direction of the piping system. The ability to rotate fittings and pipes allows for customization and adaptation to specific space constraints or layout changes.