The Premier Manufacturer And Supplier Of Certified Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings By FLUID-TECH

Apr 7, 2024 | Industry News, News

When it comes to the manufacturing and supply of malleable iron fittings, few names stand out as much as FLUID-TECH. With an unwavering commitment to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction, FLUID-TECH has firmly established itself as a leading figure in the world of malleable iron fittings.

FLUID-TECH: A Legacy of Excellence in Malleable Iron Fittings

FLUID-TECH has built a reputation as a factory of malleable iron fittings that prioritize quality without compromising efficiency. With a robust product line featuring American standard malleable iron fittings and BS standard malleable fittings, FLUID-TECH caters to a diverse range of needs and specifications across multiple industries.

Malleable Iron 220 Equal Socket NPT Thread

American Standard Malleable Iron Fittings: The Mark of Quality and Precision

Among the products offered by FLUID-TECH, American standard malleable iron fittings stand out for our strict adherence to established quality norms. These American pipe fittings are crafted to meet the rigorous standards set by American manufacturing guidelines. They are renowned for their durability, resistance to high pressure, and their ability to function optimally even in extreme temperature conditions. Meanwhile, we may offer wide range of pipe fittings to match various customers needs from different industries or different countries.

Premium Material

American Standard uses ASTM A197-A malleable iron, which undergoes a unique annealing process that makes it exceptionally ductile and resilient to damage. It conforms to KTH350-10 testing standards, verifying superior tensile and yield strengths superior to ductile iron. For example, we recommend products like FLUID-TECH malleable iron 130R reducing tees and malleable iron extension pieces M/F NPT thread, etc.

Dimensional Accuracy

All American Standard fittings strictly adhere to ANSI/ASTM dimensional standards for consistency. B16.3/14/39 compliant dimensions facilitate seamless integration and leak-proof joints. Their precision is proven through laser tracking quality checks. If you look for the related standard of pipe fitting, please check abut malleable iron 340 conical joint union NPT thread, or malleable iron 90R reducing elbow 90°NPT thread, etc.

Reliable Joints

All threaded connections comply with ANSI/ASTM B1.20.1 specifications for NPT threads. The triple-lead thread design self-tightens under pressure for permanent, watertight seals. Threaded ends withstand dozens of assembly/disassembly cycles without damage.

High Pressure Ratings

American Standard fittings are certified for water pressures up to 363 PSI, meeting CLASS 150 standards. Their malleable construction withstands fluctuating pressures and freezing conditions better than other materials. Extra thick walls enhance durability further.

Comprehensive Range

From reducing tees and crosses to 90-degree elbows and side outlet connections, American Standard offers the most used plumbing fitting configurations in NPT threads. Unions and couplings also join pipe sections securely.

Sustainable Solutions

Manufactured in the USA, every fitting undergoes rigorous quality testing. Their 100-year design life-cycle minimizes material waste. Fittings can be reused or recycled at end-of-use.

Trustworthy Performance

Decades of installations from residential DIY to industrial applications prove the corrosion resistance and burst pressure capacity of American Standard fittings exceed 6X their rated maxima. Leak-free efficiency safeguards infrastructure and minimizes water damage claims.

galvanized 90 degree iron pipe elbow

Precise Engineering with BS Standard Malleable Iron Fittings

For customers operating in regions following British standards, FLUID-TECH offers an extensive range of BS standard malleable iron fittings. These fittings are characterized by their precise dimensions, uniform threading, and exceptional finish. Manufactured to conform to the British standard (BS EN 10242), they guarantee a high level of performance and longevity.

BS Standard fittings establish confidence through malleable iron construction meeting stringent material and dimensional standards.

Premium Malleable Iron

BS Standard uses malleable iron conforming to EN 1562 and EN-GJMB-350-10 alloys, far exceeding minimum requirements. Tests to KTH350-10 verify mechanical properties for high ductility despite corrosion resistance. This protects infrastructure by minimizing damage from pressure changes. Well, is the product suitable to your demand? Please visit to the popular malleable iron 130 equal tee BSPT thread.

Dimensional Accuracy

All pipe fittings conform to BS EN 10242 for assured compatibility. Diameters, lengths and wall thicknesses adhere precisely to standard outer diameters. Laser measurement during quality checks guarantees secure pipework joints. Our quality crossover fittings matched to BS standard will be presented as malleable iron 330 flat seat union BSPT thread.

Robust Threads

BSPT pipe threads comply fully with BS 21 and ISO 7-1 for low friction, self-tightening seals under pressure variations. Threads withstand tightening/loosening repeatedly without impairment.

Pressure Performance

Fittings carry PN16 or PN25 pressure ratings endorsed by governing councils. Their strength handles over 100 years of fluctuating mains pressures and environmental stresses without compromise.

Application Prowess

From malleable iron elbows to socket connectors, plugs and caps, the BS Standard range completes plumbing projects efficiently. Fit-for-purpose options suit diverse tasks from refurbishment to new installations.

Sturdy Construction

Despite economical costs, fittings benefit from extra wall thickness and strategic ribs that multiply structural integrity factor by at least 10x. Minimal maintenance needs over a century reduce lifecycle costs.

Rigorous Standards

British manufacturers ensure consistent quality via material certification, batch testing and accreditation to ISO 9000. Fittings deliver proven performance year after year.

Responsible Production

Manufacturing minimizes environmental impact through energy efficiency. These pipe fittings contribute to government sustainability targets as reusable/recyclable components. Galvanized iron fittings elbows are hot sale design from FLUID-TECH.

Maximizing Corrosion Resistance With Galvanized Fittings Made By FLUID-TECH

When selecting pipes and fittings for plumbing or structural applications, galvanized options provide outstanding defense against rust and corrosion. Hot-dipping and electroplating apply protective zinc coatings, but each process confers unique benefits.

Black Finished

Black or ‘bare’ iron fittings lack any coating. While less expensive initially, this raw iron requires protective paint coatings to prevent rusting, involving additional costs and reapplications when coatings deteriorate. Maintenance needs grow over the fitting’s lifespan.

Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Via hot-dip galvanizing, iron fittings are submerged in molten zinc at 430-460°C, alloys the protective coating metallurgically into the iron surface. This forms a tenacious zinc-iron alloy layer bonded seamlessly at a microscopic level. FLUID-TECH black iron 90 degree elbows could meet your choice.

Above this forms the corrosion product layer – zinc oxide – which self-heals minor cuts to prevent water/oxygen exposure sustaining corrosion. Hot-dip coatings reach minimum average thicknesses of 85μm per side.

This process engenders monolithic adhesion unmatched by other methods. Tests prove hot-dip withstands elbow bending/straightening repeatedly without flaking or peeling. Coatings withstand hydrochloric acid and saline immersion testing for decades of protection.


With electroplating, a current is passed through a zinc anode and the fitting acts as the cathode within an electrolytic zinc-rich solution. This coats the fitting with a hard, adherent zinc layer between 5-13μm thick on all surfaces.

While thinner than hot-dip layers, electroplating still shields iron from corrosion. Advantages include uniform coverage of complicated geometries plus ability to plate onto partially assembled fittings.

Hot-dipped & Electroplating May Apply According To Its Applications

Hot-dip coatings deliver unbeaten protection underground, underwater, or in corrosive atmospheres where dissimilar metal corrosion could occur. Electroplated fittings suffice in less demanding indoor/outdoor environments. Black fittings solely suit temporary uses indoors before painting. You may refer as 90 degree black pipe elbow.

Steel Nipple with British/DIN Standard

FLUID-TECH: A Commitment To Customer Satisfaction

Beyond the superior quality of their products, FLUID-TECH sets itself apart with its unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. They understand that each client has unique needs and requirements, and they go above and beyond to provide customized solutions that meet and exceed expectations.

Choose FLUID-TECH For Metal Iron Pipe Fittings

Whether you require American standard malleable iron fittings or BS standard malleable iron fittings, FLUID-TECH is the trusted provider that can deliver to your specific needs. With their commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and continuous innovation, FLUID-TECH is undoubtedly a leading choice for malleable iron fittings. Additionally, we’re distinguished by their certifications from recognized authorities. The UL Listing, FM Approval and NSF 61 certification underline their commitment to safety, quality, and environmental considerations.

Pipe Nipples For Plumbing and Industrial Uses

Our pipe nipples are not only produced in compliance with international standards, such as American or British standards, but we can also meet customers’ customized requirements. Such as surface treatment and size, etc. FLUID-TECH’s pipe nipples products can be suitable for most industries and applications because we produce products in a wide range of sizes.

Pipe Nipple Dimensions To Match Different Demand

There is the pipe nipple dimension chart to reference when you plan to purchase pipe nipples from us. Please read below:

Nominal Pipe Size (NPS)Outside Diameter (OD)LengthThread Size

Applications of Pipe Nipples List

Connecting Pipes

Nipples neatly connect adjacent pipe segments whether male/female or female/female joints. Consistent threading permits leak-free unions while absorbing thermal expansion/contraction stresses. Multiple nipple installations expedite piping jobs.

Adjusting Connections

Nipples facilitate precision alignments between pipes and wall/floor penetrations. Their adjustability streamlines positioning prior to final tightening. Nipples also space-out connections to fit limited access areas.

Fitting Integration

By connecting inlet/outlet fittings like valves, strainers or couplings to distribution pipes, nipples complete piping circuits neatly. Various nipple lengths suit dimensional variances between components.

Branch Connections

Nipples extend from cross fittings to neatly join branch lines. Their male threading fits female socket outlets perfectly. Multiple branches install rapidly versus soldering individual joints.

Insulator Piercing

When pipe insulation replaces over heat lines, nipples minimally pierce insulation at T-intersections for example to bond new piping sections. This avoids costly insulation removal/replacement.

Support Spacers

Nipples space supporting clamps or braces along runs at required intervals, transferring load across insulation gaps for suspended piping.


Short nipples convert between incompatible end configurations like male/female to female NPT. Quick fixes replace problematic pipe sections cost-effectively.


Nipples install threaded cleanouts to access drain lines for periodic rodding or video inspection of blockages without dismantling entire lines.

Temporary Installations

Portable applications value nipple flexibility. Their detach-ability suits equipment setups, experiments or urgent repairs preceding permanent piping.

FLUID-TECH’s product line is not limited to American standard and BS standard malleable iron fittings. As a reputed carbon steel press fittings manufacturer and supplier of extends beyond their product quality, we also produce and supply a wide range of black iron pipe fittings and carbon steel press fittings, etc. These products, like their malleable iron fittings counterparts, are designed to meet diverse needs and are known for their wide malleable iron fittings dimensions, durability, efficiency and high performance.