Understanding BS Standard Malleable Iron Fittings

May 9, 2024 | Industry News, News

As a major malleable iron fittings company in China, FLUID-TECH works to rigorously certified product standards. One important standard we adhere to for certain fitting types is British Standard, also known simply as BS Standard.

BS Standard Malleable Iron Fittings

What is BS Standard?

BS refers to standards set by the British Standards Institution, the national standards body of the United Kingdom. These detail technical specifications and quality requirements that products must meet to be deemed compliant with the BS name.

For malleable iron pipe fittings in particular, the main British Standards cover dimensions, tolerances, materials composition and testing protocols. Obtaining BS certification demonstrates fittings meet consistent, high quality as prove by impartial third-party testing.

Some key BS Standard Malleable Iron Fittings are certified to include:

BS 143 – Standard covering the general requirements for threaded malleable fittings up to 4″ nominal bore.

BS 1740 – Governs the specifications of malleable fittings not having screwed or socketed connections up to 12″ size.

BS 1946 – Standard for socketed cast iron fittings up to 4″ nominal bore.

BS 2035 – Details testing and inspection of malleable and ductile iron fittings.

Acquiring BS certification takes stringent processes to validate consistency in chemical composition, wall thickness, joint connections and more. This provides assurance installers and engineers can rely on BS fittings anywhere UK standards apply.

Benefits of BS Certified Malleable Fittings

British standard certified malleable fittings deliver some notable advantages:

Consistency – Strict standards ensure reliable quality batch to batch worldwide.

Durability – Malleable iron alloys and testing protocols verify long-lasting performance under pressure.

Safety – Manufacturing and material controls validate bursting safety factors.

Interchangeability – Identical dimensions facilitate hassle-free substitutions if needed.

Code Compliance – Meeting British benchmarks satisfies applicable regulatory mandates.

FLUID-TECH produces an extensive line of high-quality BS standard certified malleable iron fittings including ells, tees, couplings, sockets, bushings and more. Sizes range up to 12-inch for water works, heating, plumbing and general heavy industrial applications.

Procuring fittings that meets globally recognized standards like BS provides installers using UK or international systems assurance the fittings will perform as intended. It also simplifies inventory, purchasing and technical support needs versus maintaining diverse certifying bodies worldwide. FLUID-TECH maintains high standards to consistently wholesale malleable iron fittings meeting BS demands.