Clevis Hangers

Size: 1/2”~12”

Material: Carbon Steel

Dimension: UL 203, MSS SP-58/69 (Type-1)

Surface: Pre-galvanized / electro-galvanized

Application: Non-insulated stationary pipeline

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Product Description

Products Details

What’s the pipe hanger? A pipe hanger is a device or component used to support the gravity load of a system pipe. U-clip hanger offers vertical adjustment and consists of a clevis-style top that bolts to a formed steel bottom strap. Seismic bracket is after seismic reinforcement of building water supply and drainage, fire protection, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, gas, heat, electricity, communications and other mechanical and electrical engineering facilities, when encountering the seismic fortification intensity of the earthquake in the area, can achieve the reduction of earthquake damage, reduce and as far as possible to prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing casualties and property losses. Electromechanical seismic brackets are various components or devices that limit the displacement of auxiliary mechanical and electrical engineering facilities, control the vibration of the facilities, and transfer the load to the load-bearing structure.

Product Drawing

Available size
Pipe size Hanger   Rod Size (RS) Max   recommend load (N)
1/2″ / DN15 3/8″   / M10 2710
3/4″ / DN20 3/8″   / M10 2710
1″ / DN25 3/8″   / M10 3240
1-1/4″ / DN32 3/8″   / M10 3240
1-1/2″ / DN40 3/8″   / M10 3240
2″ / DN50 3/8″   / M10 3240
2-1/2″ / DN65 1/2″   / M12 6000
3″ / DN80 1/2″   / M12 6000
4″ / DN100 5/8″   / M16 6360
5″ / DN125 5/8″   / M16 6360
6″ / DN150 3/4″   / M20 8630
8″ / DN200 3/4″   / M20 8890
10″ / DN250 3/4″   / M20 16000
12″ / DN300 3/4″   / M20 16900



Pipe support hanger is a kind of structural part for overhead pipeline fixation, which can be divided into movable support hanger, fixed bracket and seismic support hanger according to use, of which the movable bracket is subdivided into sliding bracket and guide bracket. The movable bracket can be subdivided into sliding bracket, rolling bracket and guide bracket. 1) Sliding bracket sliding bracket has a bracket with sliding bearing surface, which can constrain the vertical downward displacement of the pipeline, do not limit the horizontal displacement of the pipe during thermal expansion or cold contraction, and bear the vertical load including its own weight. The relative movement between the tube and the bracket on the sliding bracket is sliding. The sliding bracket is further divided into two types: low sliding bracket for non-insulated pipes and high sliding bracket for insulated pipes. 2) Rolling bracket rolling bracket is to add rollers or balls between the pipe slide and the bracket, so that the relative movement between the pipe and the bracket is rolling motion, so that the sliding friction becomes rolling friction, this bracket is called rolling bracket, mainly used for pipes with large pipe diameter and no lateral displacement. According to the different rolling components, it can be divided into two types: ball bracket and roller bracket. 3) Guide support hanger Guide support hanger is used to ensure that the pipeline is displacement in a certain direction and limit the displacement in other directions. According to the function of use, the guide bracket is also divided into a linear guide bracket that only allows the pipeline to move in one direction (axial) and a plane guide bracket that allows the pipeline to move and rotate in one plane. In actual civil construction projects, the guide hanger with axial movement of pipelines is the most widely used, and pipe cards and wooden brackets (insulation pipes) are commonly used between pipelines and hangers.

Application and Case

Products are used in fire protection system, water system, HVAC system, plumbing, gas system, irrigation system, etc.These products are used in many projects , such as China Taiwanese Building 101, Xiamen Building,Wuhan Expo Building and other famous landmark projects.