Standard Response Downward Sprinkler

Type:K5.6 (K80), SR, pendent
K Factor:80/115
Install Method:Install the splash tray downward
Nominal Diameter:15/20mm
Thread Size:R1/2 R3/4
W. pressure: 250 / 175 psi
T. pressure: 500 psi, factory hydrostatic test
O. pressure: Min 7 psi
Surface: Rough brass / chrome plated / white painted, etc.

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Product Description

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What is the difference between upright sprinkler and downward(pendednt)Fire Sprinkler ?

Standard coverage standard response pendent sprinkler is usually used in all hazard occupancies. The deflector is installed below the orifice, and the water spray is directed downwards against the deflector.

1. The direction of water spray of the nozzle is different, and the shape of the sagging nozzle sprinkler is parabolic type, spraying 80~100% of the total water volume to the ground. The vertical nozzle sprinkler shape is parabolic type, spraying 80~100% of the total water downward, and a part of the spray to the ceiling.
2. The splash tray is different, the splash tray of the drooping nozzle is like petals, and the water flow is evenly dispersed during the spraying process. The upright nozzle is a disc that reflects the water flow directly.
3. The installation location is different, the drooping nozzle is installed in the suspended ceiling, and its decorative plate is level with the ceiling surface, and the splash tray exposes the suspended ceiling. When the upright nozzle is installed without ceiling or the headroom in the ceiling is greater than 800MM, the splash tray of the nozzle is installed at a low level of 7.5-150mm on the roof.
4. Different places of use, sagging type is mainly used in places that do not need decoration, such as workshops, warehouses, parking garages, kitchens and other places. The upright nozzle is suitable for installation in places with a lot of moving objects and easy to impact. For example, warehouses can also be concealed on the roof in the room ceiling mezzanine to protect the ceiling boron with more flammable materials.


Product Drawing

Main parts and material
Deflector Bronze Heat responsive
Glass bulb, 5 mm diameter
Frame Die cast brass Sealing assembly Beryllium nickel spring + Teflon tape


Available size
Type Temperature   rating Working   pressure (psi) Ref.   No.
Upright 135°F   (57°C) 250 S0201   (UL/FM)
Upright 155°F   (68°C) 250 S0202   (UL/FM)
Upright 175°F   (79°C) 250 S0203   (UL/FM)
Upright 200°F   (93°C) 250 S0204   (UL/FM)
Upright 286°F   (141°C) 250 S0205   (UL/FM)
Upright 360°F   (182°C) 250 S0206   (UL/FM)
Upright 135°F   (57°C) 250 S0207   (UL)
Upright 155°F   (68°C) 250 S0208  (UL)
Upright 175°F   (79°C)) 250 S0209  (UL)
Upright 200°F   (93°C)) 250 S0210   (UL)