Standard Response Upright Sprinkler

Type:K5.6 (K80), SR, upright
K Factor:80/115
Install Method:Install the splash tray upward
Nominal Diameter:15/20mm
Thread Size:R1/2 R3/4
W. pressure: 250 / 175 psi
T. pressure: 500 psi, factory hydrostatic test
O. pressure: Min 7 psi
Surface: Rough brass / chrome plated / white painted, etc.

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Product Description

Products Details

What is the Fire Sprinkler ?

Fire sprinklers,also known as fire sprinkler, is an important indoor automatic sprinkler equipment, which belongs to the national wet automatic fire extinguishing system and also belongs to the mandatory fire protection standard GB5135. In the early stage of the fire, the fire sprinkler can effectively control the rapid spread of the fire, thereby greatly reducing the loss of life and property of the fire, but the fire sprinkler is often an easy to overlook thing. Nowadays, this kind of fire sprinkler is not only installed in large-scale factories, warehouses, shopping malls and other crowded places, but also widely used in high-rise civil buildings.In the event of a fire, the fire water is evenly sprinkled through the sprinkler to control the fire in a certain area, and the common sprinkler types are: drooping type, upright type, ordinary type and side wall type.The drooping nozzle is the most widely used sprinkler, which is installed on the water supply branch pipe, and the shape of the sprinkler is parabolic type, spraying 80~100% of the total water to the ground. To protect the room with a suspended ceiling, arrange a nozzle under the ceiling, and a drooping nozzle or a ceiling-type nozzle should be used. standard coverage standard response upright sprinkler is usually used in all hazard occupancies. The deflector is installed above the orifice, and the water spray is directed upwards against the deflector.


Product Drawing

Main parts and material
Deflector Bronze Heat responsive
Glass bulb, 5 mm diameter
Frame Die cast brass Sealing assembly Beryllium nickel spring + Teflon tape


Available size
Type Temperature   rating Working   pressure (psi) Ref.   No.
Upright 135°F   (57°C) 250 S0101   (UL/FM)
Upright 155°F   (68°C) 250 S0102   (UL/FM)
Upright 175°F   (79°C) 250 S0103   (UL/FM)
Upright 200°F   (93°C) 250 S0104   (UL/FM)
Upright 286°F   (141°C) 250 S0105   (UL/FM)
Upright 360°F   (182°C) 250 S0106   (UL/FM)
Upright 135°F   (57°C) 175 S0121   (UL)
Upright 155°F   (68°C) 175 S0122   (UL)
Upright 175°F   (79°C)) 175 S0123   (UL)
Upright 200°F   (93°C)) 175 S0124   (UL)
Upright 286°F   (141°C)) 175 S0125   (UL)