Single Flow Rotor Dry Water Meter

Measuring accuracy conform to lSO 4064 class B standard.
Available with different length on request.
Body material: Brass /Plastic body.
Register sealed: Dry-dial only.
Size: 15-25mm.
Cold/Hot water.- Non-return valve.- Reed switch option.
Thread end type: BSP/NPT.

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What is the Single Flow Rotor Dry Water Meter?

Single Flow Rotor dry type water meter, its basic structure is the impeller (rotor), impeller box in the water, through the magnet to the gear box, counter transfer data. Therefore, this type of water meter is also called “magnetic water meter”. Due to the counting mechanism is isolated from the measured water, it is not affected by the floating impurities in the water, which can ensure the normal work of the counting mechanism and clear reading. At the same time, it will not be like the wet type water meter, because of the meter temperature difference between inside and outside, resulting in fog or condensation under the glass and other phenomena affecting the reading of the water meter.

DN(mm) 15 20 25
Size(inch) 1/2″ 3/4″ 1″
Q4(l/h) 3125 5000 7875
Q3(l/h) 2500 4000 6300
R=80 Q2(l/h) 50 80 126
Q1(l/h) 31.25 50 78.75
R=100 Q2(l/h) 40 64 100.8
Q1(l/h) 25 40 63
R=125 Q2(l/h) 32 51.2 80.64
Q1(l/h) 20 32 50.5
R=160 Q2(l/h) 22.5 40 63
Q1(l/h) 15.62 25 39.37
Max.Reading(m3) 99.999 99.999 99.999
Min.Reading(Liter) 0.05 0.05 0.05
Max.Pressure(Bar) 16 16 16
Pressure Loss 63
Max.Temperature T=50/90
Pulse Output Option Vmax=24V


Advantages of the single flow rotor dry water meter:

1.High accuracy
The single jet dry type water meter has been improved in the accuracy of measurement and can transmit data directly by remote meter reading.
2.Check the meter more intuitive
Single jet dry type water meter display water volume is consistent with the mechanical measurement, which is convenient for users to directly check the meter. At the same time, it is convenient for users to know and check the situation of water in time, and there will be no problems such as water break, arrears, and excessive water.
3.Clear reading
Single jet dry type water meter counter adopts vacuum seal, it is not immersed in water, can prevent condensation atomization.
4.Long service life
Single jet dry type water meter adopts magnetic transmission structure, strong anti-magnetic ability, anti-water impact and anti-pollution ability.
5.Low power consumption and easy maintenance
Single jet dry type water meter is low-power design. It usually does not need continuous power supply, as long as the meter reading moment power supply. And this wireless water meter is also very convenient to repair. Generally, as long as the battery power problem is controlled, it can be maintained for a long time.