Steel Press Fittings Coupling

Product Variety: Coupling (DDS Coupling ),Long coupling ,Reducer Coupling
Material: Carbon Steel Q235,Stainless
Working Pressure:PN16/PN25,1.6MPA/2.5MPA

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What is the Steel Press pipe fittings?

Steel Pressed pipe fittings have the characteristics of reliable and safe connection, convenient and fast construction, suitable for embedded installation, maintenance-free update, and relatively superior economy. The working principle of the pressed pipe fittings is to insert the galvanized pipe into the bearing of the pressed pipe fittings, and use special pressing tools to jam the galvanized pipe in the pipe fittings, and the cross-sectional shape of the clamping place is hexagonal, and there is an O-ring seal between the carbon steel pipe and the pipe fittings, so that it has the characteristics of anti-leakage, anti-pulling, anti-vibration and high pressure resistance. Widely used in water plants, fire protection systems, chemical plants, paper mills, beverage factories, electronics factories, daily chemical plants, pharmaceutical factories, supporting machinery suppliers and other enterprise fields.

The working principle of Steel Press Fittings Coupling diameter docking coupling (DDS coupling) is to put the carbon steel pipe to be transported into the bearing interface of the press-type pipe fittings of the corresponding specification, and then the special pressing tool will kill the carbon steel pipe inside, and then add a sealing ring to the sealing place to prevent the medium from leaking.

Long coupling ,Slim Coupling is a kind of connection with bearing pipe fittings with special sealing rings, and presses the pipe mouth with special tools to play a sealing and fixing role, which is divided into D type and S type according to the end pressing connection method. It has the characteristics of anti-pulling, anti-rotation, simple and convenient installation, small operating space required, earthquake resistance, and maintenance-free after installation.

The reducer Coupling ,The surface of the reducer pair is selected from Dacromet, which can obtain anti-corrosion performance similar to hot-dip galvanizing, and generally can obtain the anti-corrosion performance of neutral salt spray test of more than 500h, while the blue zinc plating bolt used in fire protection is generally only 48~72h neutral salt spray test; The neutral salt spray test of epoxy coating of grooved pipe fittings with coating thickness of 60~100μm is generally about 72h.


Advantages of the Steel Press Fittings Coupling:

1. Suitable for a variety of media: fire-fighting carbon steel press-pressed pipe fittings adopt Q235 quality, can withstand 1.6MPa, suitable for oil, water, gas and other non-corrosive or corrosive media.
2. Convenient construction: fire-fighting carbon steel press-pressed pipe fittings adopt embedded installation method, and only corresponding tools are needed during the installation process, unlike the previous connectors, which require a lot of effort to weld to connect. And it is more efficient and safer to construct.
3, low price, maintenance-free update: press-on pipe fittings are made of carbon steel, with good corrosion resistance, once connected to it can be maintained for several years without replacement and maintenance, and now this equipment is very common on the market, the price is not very expensive.