Steel Press Fittings Elbow

Product Variety: Steel Press Fittings Elbow 90°, Elbow 45°,Elbow with Thread
Material: Carbon Steel Q235,Stainless
Working Pressure:PN16/PN25,1.6MPA/2.5MPA

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Product Description

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Steel Pressed pipe fittings Elbow have three type,Steel Press Fittings Elbow 90°,Steel Press Fittings Elbow 45°,Steel Press Fittings Elbow with Thread.90° internal thread elbow A type is a kind of connection in the pipeline system of oil, water, and various corrosive materials, this connection method has the characteristics of advanced structure, good sealing performance, reliable and convenient connection, small size and convenient use. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, machinery, electric power, textile, chemical fiber, metallurgy and other departments of pipeline engineering.

Steel Press Fittings compared with Malleable iron thread fittings:

1. Simple and reliable; Since the invention of the Swedes in 1959, the pressing pipe fittings have been used in Europe and the United States for many years, and in 2000, the domestic compression pipe fittings were introduced, which were applied in China, and rapidly promoted in the field of drinking water and natural gas, and in 2016 began to promote carbon steel pressing pipe fittings in gas and fire protection, and were widely used in Zhongran’s coal-to-gas project.
2. Cost advantage, compared with traditional Malleable iorn pipe fittings, material costs can be reduced by 20-30%. Reduce labor costs by 30-50%. With the promotion of pressing pipe fittings, after mass production, the raw materials will be further reduced. Both Party A and Party B will benefit from this.
3. Green products. The production of carbon steel pressing pipe fittings is mechanical processing, no casting flue gas emissions, no thread processing is required on site, and Ma steel is cast production, the promotion of this industry for the implementation of national environmental protection emission indicators, purification of the environment, has a good role.
4. There are many cases in various parts of China, especially in first-tier cities, and have been recognized and used by China Combustion Group, China Railway, CCCC and other groups, the design institute began to choose carbon steel compression pipe fittings as a fire pipe, and more and more fire companies recognize and promote pressing pipe fittings, and the application of carbon steel compression pipe fittings in the field of fire protection is in the development stage.
5. Limited solution to employment difficulties, traditional thread links need workers to process and install, generally need more than 3 years of work experience, these personnel high salary, less experienced masters, and press connection is simple and easy to learn, generally a worker can be trained into a skilled worker in one day, reducing the difficulty of employment and ensuring construction delivery.