Cup Nut Pipe Loop

Size: 1”~8”
Material: Carbon Steel
Dimension: UL 203, MSS SP-58/69 (Type-7)
Surface: Pre-galvanized / electro-galvanized
Application: Non-insulated stationary pipeline

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Product Description

Products Details

What’s the Cup Nut Pipe Loop ?

Pipe hanger is a device or assembly used to support the gravity load of the system piping. Cup nut loop hanger provides vertical adjustment that utilizes nuts and formed steel strap looped around the pipe.

Product Drawing

Available size
Pipe size Hanger   Rod Size (RS) Max   recommend load (N)
1″ / DN25 3/8″   / M10 2220
1-1/4″ / DN32 3/8″   / M10 2220
1-1/2″ / DN40 3/8″   / M10 2220
2″ / DN50 3/8″   / M10 2220
2-1/2″ / DN65 3/8″   / M10 4440
3″ / DN80 3/8″   / M10 4440
4″ / DN100 3/8″   / M10 4440
5″ / DN125 1/2″   / M12 8450
6″ / DN150 1/2″   / M12 8450
8″ / DN200 1/2″   / M12 8450


Why use a anti-vibration bracket?

1. Reduce the occurrence of secondary disasters caused by earthquakes
Damage to building mechanical and electrical equipment (fire pipes, sprinkler systems, smoke extraction systems, electrical systems, etc.) in an earthquake will directly lead to the failure of fire protection functions. As a result, fires and smoke can cause disasters in this life. This has led to a significant increase in the number of casualties. Even more than the number of casualties caused by direct disasters such as building collapses.

2. Effectively protect the mechanical and electrical system during the earthquake to ensure the rapid recovery of working conditions after the earthquake.

The traditional support hanger only bears the vertical load, and the lateral swing is large in the event of an earthquake, which is easy to damage the adjacent facilities, causing damage to the building mechanical and electrical engineering system and increasing the difficulty of later maintenance.
The seismic support hanger uses the stability principle of triangle in the installation form, and comprehensively carries the longitudinal force and transverse force during the earthquake, and changes the dynamic characteristics of the pipeline system from flexible to rigid. Make equipment and pipelines stronger and reduce secondary disasters caused by earthquakes. Seismic support hangers are divided into longitudinal (parallel to the center line of the pipeline), lateral support hangers (perpendicular to the center line of the pipeline), longitudinal and lateral support hangers from the force direction.
Seismic support hanger is a support system firmly attached to the building structure with seismic force as the main load. When the building encounters an earthquake with fortification intensity, the seismic force generated by the pipeline and equipment is transmitted to the structure through the seismic support hanger, so as to achieve the effect of no damage to small earthquakes, repairable medium earthquakes, and no collapse of large earthquakes.

Application and Case

Products are used in fire protection system, water system, HVAC system, plumbing, gas system, irrigation system, etc.These products are used in many projects , such as China Taiwanese Building 101, Xiamen Building,Wuhan Expo Building and other famous landmark projects.