Pear Hanger

Size: 1”~8”
Material: Carbon Steel
Dimension: UL 203, MSS SP-58/69 (Type-7)
Surface: Pre-galvanized / electro-galvanized
Application: Non-insulated stationary pipeline

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Product Description

Products Details

What parts does a seismic bracket consist of?(Chapter 1)

Seismic support hanger is a support hanger product used to support mechanical and electrical pipeline equipment such as water pipes, air ducts, bridges and other mechanical and electrical pipeline equipment and provide seismic support. The definition of seismic support hanger is: a seismic support facility that is firmly connected to the building structure and takes seismic force as the main load. It is composed of anchor solid, reinforced boom, seismic connecting members and seismic diagonal braces.

1. C-shaped steel, lead screw, lead screw joint
C-shaped steel and lead screw group cooperation member bearing effect (column, diagonal brace, longitudinal diagonal brace, cross burden), C-shaped steel crimping with serrations, back with strip mounting holes, all seismic support hanger special accessories can be adjusted and installed with any combination

2. Support arm, embedded groove
The support arm is used for wall support, and can be used as a beam to support air ducts, cables, bridges, etc. Elliptical hole design, easy to install is to adjust different lengths to meet the actual working conditions of the site.
Embedded grooves for medium-sized fastening systems such as installation pipes (ventilation ducts, air conditioning ducts, water pipes, etc.)

Product Drawing

Available size
Pipe size Hanger   Rod Size (RS) Max   recommend load (N)
1″ / DN25 3/8″   / M10 2220
1-1/4″ / DN32 3/8″   / M10 2220
1-1/2″ / DN40 3/8″   / M10 2220
2″ / DN50 3/8″   / M10 2220
2-1/2″ / DN65 3/8″   / M10 4440
3″ / DN80 3/8″   / M10 4440
4″ / DN100 3/8″   / M10 4440
5″ / DN125 1/2″   / M12 8450
6″ / DN150 1/2″   / M12 8450
8″ / DN200 1/2″   / M12 8450


What parts does a seismic bracket consist of?(Chapter 2)

3. Anti-vibration hinge link (type A and type B)
Seismic hinges are used to link seismic members to structures or portal brackets to structures, and the installation angle can be flexibly adjusted according to site conditions and design requirements.

4. Pipe clamps (U-clamps, O-clamps, ohmic clamps)
U-shaped pipe clamp is used for the fixation of single-pipe lateral seismic support hanger pipe clamp; O-type pipe clamp is used for the fixing of single-pipe longitudinal seismic support hanger pipe clamp; Ohmic pipe clamp is used for the fixing of portal type seismic support hanger pipe; U-shaped pipe clamp, O-pipe clamp, ohmic pipe clamp are used with rubber pad, insulation shock absorption and noise resistance.

5. Fasteners
The special accessories for the seismic support hanger are combined with a solid effect

Application and Case

Products are used in fire protection system, water system, HVAC system, plumbing, gas system, irrigation system, etc.These products are used in many projects , such as China Taiwanese Building 101, Xiamen Building,Wuhan Expo Building and other famous landmark projects.