Liquid PTFE Tape

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Product Description

Products Details

liquid thread seal tape,named liquid ptfe tape.

The development of thread seal tape (anaerobic glue) began in the 40s of the 20th century, in 1953 the United States R.E. Burnett and V.K. Krieble studied polyglycol diester methacrylate to find the curing characteristics of acrylate, and later through the study of peroxide and other additives, made of rubber with practical value, at present, has been widely used in aviation, military, general machinery, transportation machinery, oilfield pipelines, industrial pipelines and civil pipelines, mold manufacturing, etc. Due to the use of anaerobic adhesives, there is a leak-free development. In the low-density polyethylene bottle due to the full contact with oxygen (air) to keep the glue stable, when used for metal gaps (such as pipeline threads, flat flanges, round parts sets and other mating gaps) and oxygen (air) isolation, due to the catalytic induction of metal ions to form free radicals, free radicals trigger the formation of polymer chains, and finally solidify into a solid polymer with excellent sealing and locking characteristics, that is, thermosets, operating temperature -55 °C to +150 °C, aging resistance is usually better than steel. Anaerobic glue is also known as liquid raw material tape, English name: anaerobic adhesive.

Product Drawing

Size A(mm) PCS/CTN. Size A(mm) PCS/CTN.
1/4” 20 600 1 1/2” 48.5 48
3/8” 24 600 2” 57 32
1/2” 27 500 2 1/2” 68.5 16
3/4” 32 400 3” 77.5 10
1” 37 210 4” 96.5 6
1 1/4” 44.5 120 6” 129 2


How to use liquid thread seal tape?

n1. Do a good job of protection before installation, liquid raw material belt is a chemical, should avoid direct contact with the body, otherwise it may cause adverse reactions to operators with micro-trauma or allergic constitution.
n2. The inner and outer pipe threads are conical threads as much as possible to achieve a better fit so that the glue can completely isolate oxygen, such as poor fit will affect the curing of the glue (if you choose a straight pipe or DN50 or above the pipe diameter, the internal and external threads will be glued when gluing will be better).
n3. Before gluing, try to remove oil stains, paint and other attachments on the internal and external threads, revealing the true color of the metal, too many attachments will make the glue unable to bond with the thread metal, which may affect the sealing effect.
n4. When applying glue, it should be applied in a continuous circle, covering 3-4 teeth, if the fake painting phenomenon of glue suspended on the screw teeth is found, the glue should be applied evenly with brushes, wood chips and other tools.
n5. When installing, try to install the joints one by one from beginning to end, tighten them together, and prevent excessive force from causing the joints that are being installed in front to rotate with the rotation, destroying the sealing effect of the product and causing leakage.
n6. After construction, the excess liquid raw meal belt exposed to the air is normal because it is not isolated from oxygen, and if it does not solidify.
N7. The product is only suitable for the sealing of metal pipe threads, and other such as plastic joints are not recommended to be sealed with liquid thread seal tape.
n8. It cannot be used for the sealing of pure oxygen and strong oxidant media.
n9. Pipe thread sealing and locking that is not suitable for high temperature conditions above 150 °C. n10. When using liquid raw material tape sealing, do not mix with PTFE thread seal tape, hemp wire and other sealing materials.

Product Features

structral adhesive is a general purpose glue with moderate viscosity, which is often used in the bonding of magnetic steel.Its chemical type is polyurethane methacrylate, its color is transparent yellow to light amber, and its curing mode is anaerobic distribution promoter.High temperature resistance up to 120℃.

Application and Case

Liquid PTFE Tape are used in fire protection system, water system, plumbing etc.Pipe Threaded Seal are used in many projects , such as Beijing Airport, Shanghai World Trade Center, Canton Tower and other famous landmark projects.