Thread Sealing Cord

Certificates:CE EN 751-2, TEMPERATURE, BS 6920, MSDS, TDS.

Temperature:-55°C~ +180°C.


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Product Description

Products Details

Threaded sealing cord is a new, faster, and more versatile pipe sealant that has become obsolete from traditional tape and hemp/paste combinations. It seals (regardless of ambient temperature) domestic and industrial piping systems immediately during assembly. Safe and confident use with drinking water or wastewater (hot or cold), gases, compressed air and industrial oils. Housed in a convenient pocket-sized protective container with a built-in cutter.

Product Drawing

Size A(mm) PCS/CTN. Size A(mm) PCS/CTN.
1/4” 20 600 1 1/2” 48.5 48
3/8” 24 600 2” 57 32
1/2” 27 500 2 1/2” 68.5 16
3/4” 32 400 3” 77.5 10
1” 37 210 4” 96.5 6
1 1/4” 44.5 120 6” 129 2


Product Features

Each rope is composed of more than 200 fibers, which is stronger and seals better than PTFE tape.

The cord should have good wetting properties, which are necessary for adhesion to metal surfaces. It also has high adhesion strength, permeability, leak-free and excellent tensile strength.

The white paste is safe, environmentally friendly, have some on hand, don’t worry when using it.

It is suitable for all kinds of metal and plastic pipe thread sealing, with wear resistance, good elasticity, high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, corrosion prevention, not easy to be cut by threaded teeth and other advantages.

Application and Case

Thread Sealing Cord are used in water system, gas system, irrigation system, etc.Pipe Threaded Seal are used in many projects , such as Beijing Airport, Shanghai World Trade Center, Canton Tower and other famous landmark projects.