Long Screw Nipple

Material :ASTMA312/A312M /BS EN 10241

Dimensions :ASTM A733/ BS EN 10241

Threads :ASME B1.20.1/ISO7/1 / BSP

Schedule :40/80/Medium/Heavy

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Product Description

Products Details

Long screw Steel nipple ,also called Steel Nipple-Tank Type. one end thread is long,other end thread length is short. The material of this type Steel nipple have carbon steel, Stainless steel. the thread Standard this type nipple have BSP,NPT,ISO 228 thread Standard. According to requirement ,it can be made different length. this type nipple also connect with full thread Coupling and lock nut.

Product Drawing

Size L+2(mm) L1 (mm) L2(mm) Ø (mm) R G
1/2X100X52MM 100 15 52 21.3 R1/2 G1/2
3/4X100X54MM 100 15 54 26.7 R3/4 G3/4
1X100X62MM 100 17 62 33.4 R1 G1
11/4X150X70MM 150 20 70 42.2 R11/4 G11/4
11/2X150X71MM 150 20 71 48.3 R11/2 G11/2
2X150X82MM 150 23 82 60.3 R2 G2

Noted: Other lengths and size available. Grooved end, SQ end and Bevel end available. Contact us for details.

Steel nipple pipe fittings, we are a professional manufacturer and seller. We produce carbon steel nipple fittings, stainless steel nipple fittings; carbon steel pipes nipple, hose nipple fittings, welded socket, grooved end nipple fittings. The thread of the nipple has British standard thread, American standard thread, and ISO 228 thread. We can produce galvanized steel nipple pipe fittings, pipes and welded socket joints, as well as electro-galvanized and hot-dip galvanized steel pipe nipple. The length of the nipple and socket can be manufactured according to customer requirements. Long nipple pipe fittings, we are very professional, our steel nipple pipe fittings are very popular. The long screw nipple is usually connected with the full thread socket and the lock nut for sale. We usually help the customer to connect the outer wire tube, the tube ancient and the lock nut before delivery, and then put it into the box and put it on a pallet for delivery. The installation cost of customers is reduced, and customers like and are satisfied with our products and services very much.

Application and Case

Products are used in fire protection system, water system, HVAC system, plumbing, gas system, irrigation system, etc.These products are used in many projects , such as Beijing Airport, Shanghai World Trade Center, Canton Tower and other famous landmark projects.