Grooved Welded Outled

Material :ASTM A234, equal to carb steel pipe ASTM A53 / A795

Groove:AWWA C606 and ISO 6182-12

Rated pressure:300 psi

Surface:Oiled / red painting / hot dip galvanized

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Product Description

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What is the Grooved welded outlet?

American grooved welded outlet is mainly used for fire protection service. It provides a transit from a main run pipe to a branch pipe, and the outlet is grooved connection.Groove welding is used to create a beveled opening in a weld joint before welding to achieve the necessary penetration. The process of creating the bevels is known as groove machining, and welding the beveled surfaces together is known as groove welding.There are many different types of welding methods, including fillet welding, spot welding, and plug welding. To create welds that must be stronger than with other methods, however, groove welding is often used. Groove welding uses a process known as “grooving” to join base metal surfaces together.
This page introduces basic knowledge such as the names and welding symbols for each part of the groove, differences with fillet welding, how welds relate to strength, and the defects that can occur with groove welding.

Product Drawing


Size In 11/4 11/2 2 21/2 3 4 6 8
Pipe Run Size In 11/4-8 11/2-8 2-8 21/2-8 3-8 4-8 6-8 8
A In 1.660 1.900 2.375 2.875 3.500 4.500 6.625 8.625
L In 2.969 2.969 2.969 2.969 2.969 3.976 3.976 4


Butt welding and groove welding ?

Butt welding is used to join two base metal surfaces along the same plane.
In addition to joining flat plates, butt welding is also used for piping and other similar applications. With butt welding, a thin backing metal (backing iron) is applied to the surfaces being joined. Unlike with fillet welding, butt welding integrates the joined base metals. This allows for stronger weld metal and heat-affected zone than the base metal, such as with structural steel, resulting in a stronger joint.
However, achieving full-penetration welds is often difficult with butt welding. This is particularly true for thick plates. To solve this problem, full-penetration welding is often performed by beveling the joint surfaces and using groove welding.

With groove welding, the joint strength can be adjusted by changing the shape of the bevel to alter the depth, width, and joint area of the weld. Fillet welding is not as strong because of the gaps between the base metals.
For sheet metal welding, both groove welding and fillet welding are used depending on the area being welded. Full-penetration welding offers the greatest strength increase for groove welding, and this method is often used for welding strong components because the achieved strength is equivalent to that of the base metal.

Application and Case

Grooved Welded Outled are used in water system, HVAC system, plumbing, gas system, irrigation system, etc.Welded Outlet are used in many projects , such as Beijing Airport, Shanghai World Trade Center, Canton Tower and other famous landmark projects.