High Pressure Elbow

Certificate: ISO
Standard: ASME B16.11
Material: Forged carbon steel ASTM A105,
Forged SS ASTM A182, F304 / F316L
Thread: NPT / BSPT
W. pressure: Class 2000PSI/3000PSI/6000PSI/9000PSI
Surface: Oiled

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Product Description

Products Details

What is the forged fittings?

Forged Fittings assures the industrial piping systems of a smooth run of liquid. They are made up of by using high-quality steel forgings, and thus they are very much high in performance and durability. These fittings sufficiently carry out those industrial requirements that demand extremely durable, qualitative, and reliable products.Forged fittings working is 2000PSI,3000PSI,6000PSI,9000PSI. Forged fittings are high pressure fittings.

American threaded 90° elbow is used to connect two pipes by threaded connection, so to make the pipeline turn 90-degree for changing the fluid flow direction. forged Elbow has forged Elbow 90°, forged Elbow 45°,Forged Elbow reducing ,Forged elbow male and female thread, Street elbow.

Product Drawing


Available size
Size Outside   dia. of band H (mm) Ref.   No.
1/2″ /   DN15 / 21.3mm 33 / 38 / 46 N3101
3/4″ / DN20 / 26.7mm 38   / 46 / 56 N3102
1″ / DN25 / 33.4mm 46   / 56 / 62 N3103
1-1/4″ / DN32 / 42.2mm 56   / 62 / 75 N3104
1-1/2″ / DN40 / 48.3mm 62   / 75 / 84 N3105
2″ / DN50 / 60.3mm 75   / 84 / 102 N3106
2-1/2″ / DN65 / 73.0mm 92   / 102 / 121 N3107
3″ / DN80 / 88.9mm 109   / 121 / 146 N3108
4″ / DN100 / 114.3mm 146   / 152 / 152 N3109


The Difference of Wrought and Forged Fittings

1. Two standards for fittings
Pipe fittings are the most often used components in piping industry. There are two prevalent standards for fittings: 1) ASME B16.9: Factory-Made Wrought Buttwelding Pipe Fittings; 2) ASME B16.11: Forged Fittings, Socket-Welding and Threaded. Both of them are widely applied to various project practices. However, the words “Wrought” and “Forged” confuse a lot of people.

2. Different definitions of “wrought” and “forged”
In mechanical nomenclature, “Wrought” states the condition of material, where material has been formed into shape by various methods such as forging(hammering), extruding, drawing, rolling or pressing, etc. Hence, “Forged” or “Forging” is a specific method of forming materials that is contained by “Wrought”. Take the fabrication processs of a buttwelding elbow(ASME B16.9) for example: the short piece of pipe is preheated by the mid-frequency machine then is pushed through a mandrel where it is bended and expanded to form an elbow shape. This extruding process can be called “Wrought”. Another example is the buttwelding cap which is made by deep drawing. “Forged” or “Forging” usually means hammer the preheated metal to a required shape. In conclusion, “Wrought” contains but is not limited to “Forged”.

Application and Case

Products are used in fire protection system, water system, HVAC system, plumbing, gas system, irrigation system, etc.These products are used in many projects , such as Beijing Airport, Shanghai World Trade Center, Canton Tower and other famous landmark projects.