Malleable Iron 41 Bend 45° Female NPT Thread

Size: 1/2”-4”
Material: ANSI/ASTM A197-A,KTH350-10
Dimension: ANSI/ASTM B16.3/14/39
Thread: ANSI/ASTM B1.20.1,NPT
Pressure Rating: 363PSI,CLASS150
Surface Treatment:Hot-dip Galvanized,Electro Galvanized,Black
Zinc Coating: ASTM A 153
Zinc Coating: ASTM A 153
Certificate: UL Listed / FM Approved / NSF 61
Application: Fire Protection,Waterworks,HVAC,Plumbing,GAS,Irrigation,or other piping systems

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Product Description

Products Details

American Standard Malleable Iron 41 Bend 45° Female. The BI 45° bend is one kind of malleable iron pipe fittings with female thread, which can connect two pipe joints of the same nominal diameter, so that the pipe can be made into a 45° bend.The axes of the screw thread is the most important thing. our axes of the screw thread accuracy is ±0.3°,higher 40% than the standard.

Product Drawing

Size A(mm) PCS/CTN. Size A(mm) PCS/CTN.
1/2” 36 180 2” 81 12
3/4” 43 160 2 1/2” 99 8
1” 51 80 3” 113 6
1 1/4” 64 50 4” 143 2
1 1/2” 68 24


Quality Control:

Our pipe fittings are all galvanized firstly, and threading secondly.It can be clearly seen from the picture that the process of galvanizing first and then threading can ensure the accuracy and integrity of the thread, improve the installation speed and reduce the installation cost.
Uniform thickness of zinc layer inside and outside of our pipe fittings.Our GI pipe fitting isn’t only thicker wall, but also has the same zinc thickness either inside or outside. To ensure stronger rust and corrosion resistance of our GI pipe fittings.

Application and Case

Products are used in fire protection system, water system, HVAC system, plumbing, gas system, irrigation system, etc.These products are used in many projects , such as Beijing Airport, Shanghai World Trade Center, Canton Tower and other famous landmark projects.

The difference between EN standard and American standard pipe fittings.
Appearance size: The wall thickness is different, the American standard is thicker and the size is larger.
British standards usually use BSPT
American standards usually use NPT
BSPT and NPT threads are different in terms of thread angle, pitch, tooth height, number of thread teeth and other data.