Structural Attachment H10

Size:One size fits braced pipe upto8″,with1/2″ bolt hole for structure.
Brand: Utterly brand
Material:Ductile iron QT450
Surface:Hot dip Galvanized / Electro Galvanized
Certificate:UL Listed /CE Certificate
Application: Fire Protection,Waterworks,HVAC,Plumbing,GAS,Irrigation,or other piping systems

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Product Description

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Our anti-seismic supports are UL/FM certified and designed to resist both tension and compression forces in fire protection installations. Each support resists a partial load of the pipe, and calculations and considerations are made taking into account the weight of the pipe filled with water at a given installation angle. We have a variety of imported accessories for fixing pipes to support against oscillation and seismic disturbance such as clamp supports for lateral and longitudinal pipes, pear-type clamps for carbon steel pipe, accessories for adjustable steel beams and adaptors.

Structural Attachment H10


Structural Attachment H10

UL Maximum Design Load
Brace Member lbs. KN Wt. Each
Ib. kg
1″ SCH40 pipe 1885 (8.38) 1.96 (0.89)


Structural attachment to top or bottom of metal beams, purlins, channel, or angel iron

Structural Attachment H10

How to install the structural attachment H10

The installation mode as shown which the base part confined with the building ,the installation toque of bolt M12X60 is 50~65N·M;The accessories connected to base is the sch401-inch pipe; the bottom of pipe clamp to connector is connected by shear bolt; Tighten the shear bolt until heads break off, the installation is complete.

Structural Attachment H10 Structural Attachment H10