Bracing clamp C4 UTT18

Material: Carbon Steel&Ductile iron
Brand: Utterly brand
Dimension: SCH10,SCH40,GB/T3091,JISG3454
Surface Treatment:Hot dip Galvanized / Electro Galvanized
Certificate: UL Listed /CE Certificate
Application: Fire Protection,Waterworks,HVAC,Plumbing,GAS,Irrigation,or other piping systems

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Product Description

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The installation speed of seismic support is 3-5 times that of traditional support installation methods, and the production and installation cost is half of that of traditional support methods. On the premise of meeting management standards, various professions and types of work can cross operate, greatly improving work efficiency and shortening the installation period of supports and hangers. The seismic support does not require the use of welding or open flames during construction, and will not have any impact on the environment or office work.

Bracing clamp C4 UTT18


Bracing clamp C4 UTT18

UL Maximum Design Load
Pipe Size lbs. KN Wt. Each
1"(25mm) Brace
lb. kg
(40) 680 (3.02) 1.23 (0.56)
2 (50) 680 (3.02) 1.36 (0.62)
(65) 680 (3.02) 1.45 (0.70)
3 (80) 680 (3.02) 1.54 (0.80)
4 (100) 680 (3.02) 1.76 (0.98)
5 (125) 1090 (4.84) 2.16 (0.98)
6 (150) 1370 (6.09) 2.20 (1.00)
8 (200) 1370 (6.09) 2.79 (1.27)

How to install the bracing clamp

The pipe clamp with pipe and other accessories’connection is as shown in the figure;
The accessories of UTT18 use the sch401-inch pipe;
Tightened the nuts until 40~45N·M once the four nuts are installed,the installation is complete.

Bracing clamp C4 UTT18 Bracing clamp C4 UTT18